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Tecfor continually demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the right technology to achieve a strategic solution - whatever the forest industry problem might be. I am always impressed with their responsiveness and quality of product.

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About Us

Responsive and Resource Rich

Tecfor was formed in 2000 to provide clients with cost-effective resource consulting services. Efficient and effective field work and administrative support keeps costs down and revenue up – increase your net margin.

Tecfor’s in-depth knowledge of British Columbia’s evolving forest industry is essential for understanding and anticipating the growing demands of the industry. We build strategic solutions for resource-based industries based upon educated research and operational planning experience. Associated business sectors include: First Nations, government, landowners, industry and environmental groups.

Success Stories: The field checks confirmed, .... the Husby Group [Tecfor] has done an excellent job delivering the company cedar standards, and therefore, the district standards. The vast majority of blocks on Husby licences had more cedar per hectare protected than the minimum required in their corresponding Silviculture Prescriptions. You are to be congratulated for your efforts in re-establishing and protecting cedar and cypress in your Queen Charlotte Islands operations. MoF, QCIFD, November 2002

The comprehensive and responsive support of Tecfor creates a shield for companies seeking to maximize financial and human resources. Our contacts and extensive day-to-day experience with forestry issues involving multiple viewpoints supports clients in their decision-making process.

Competitive Advantage

  • Decisive action plans built on objective business strategies
  • Implementation of innovative technologies to resolve complex forestry issues
  • Responsive quality service
  • Exceptional track record assessing financial realities
  • Solid working relationships with clients and external stakeholders
  • Streamlined operations maintain a competitive pricing structure
  • Optimize maximum return for customer investment
  • Direct access to key personnel
  • Ongoing progress reports, consultations and recommendations