Tecfor Forest Management Tecfor Forest Management

Tecfor has the capacity to provide a wide variety of forestry services and expertise.

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Pricing and Costs

Tecfor has a solid reputation as a decisive, supportive, technologically advanced forest management company working in an enormously competitive industry. Tecfor has implemented a flexible pricing strategy designed to maximize customer returns. Our pricing strategy reflects your requirements of the following project factors:

  • Length and scope
  • Volume and complexity
  • Risk assessment
  • Infrastructure requirement
  • Timelines and schedules

Tecfor is committed to negotiating feasible pricing solutions through:

  • Negotiating arrangements related to the cost and revenue for the client
  • Subcontracting additional team members to optimize deliverables
  • Establishing a financial dialogue with the client that reflects a mutual risk and gain agreement
  • Maintaining a competitive pricing structure for standard projects

Success Stories: Tecfor has worked successfully with Government agencies to establish wildlife habitat areas and old growth management areas.

Investment Strategies

Tecfor is committed to creating a supportive environment which stewards strong investment strategies for the customer and the industry.

  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Optimize revenues
  • Streamline government approvals
  • Focus on financial tools and core analysis
  • Implement industry-leading technologies
  • Provide objective business advice